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A Clear View Window Cleaning

a clear view window cleaning

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Taken from a window in a property called Lynwood on Bath Rd.

Approximately a third of the way in from the right in the above image is Brookside, with the square Italianate tower. Directly above it in the background, although not very clear, is the original Tregonwell Mansion in its original form. It had its first extensions added in 1876.
Lewis Tregonwell and his wife Henrietta purchased 8 acres from Sir George Tapps, on which to build his new holiday home, in 1810. This act we celebrate as the official birth of Bournemouth.
In 1835 Sir George Tapps died and his son Sir George Gervis inherited the land, the bulk of which lay on the eastern side of the Bourne stream.
Although the Tregonwell estate had grown by further purchases of land from the first Sir George, and several cottages had been built for letting to friends and family, there appears to have been no real ambition on the part of the Tregonwells to be the founders of a town.
Perhaps inspired by the Bourne Tregonwell estate, the second Sir George set about creating what was called initially, "The Marine Village of Bourne." He envisaged a select seaside watering hole, a new resort to rival the likes of the already established Brighton and Weymouth. The first buildings erected in the late 1830s included the Bath Hotel, the Belle Vue Boarding House, the Westover Villas and the town baths. Although his plans weren't fully realised the new town continued to grow with the building of more detached villas. Other landowners in the area started to develop their land, or sold it off to property developers. With the building work came the building tradesmen and a growing population, more visitors, the need for more shops and services, and before you know it you've got the makings of a town. In 1856 there was a need to bring the whole thing under control and start raising funds from property rates to pay for things like better road surfaces, drainage, sewers and street cleaning, and so the Bournemouth Improvement Act came into being. The Act set the boundaries of the town as being within a radius of 1 mile from the front door of the Belle Vue Hotel, the building in the centre of the above image. As part of the Act a team of 13 Commissioners, prominent citizens of the new town, and in effect the first town council, was appointed. They met at the Belle Vue between 1856 and 1857, which sort of brings us back to the above image.
The first railway station opened in Holdenhurst Rd in 1870 which greatly improved transport links with the rest of the country and this, along with the creation of the first bank holidays in 1871, marked a new phase in Bournemouth's development. A rather quiet and sedate place was about to get much bigger and a whole lot busier !

On the left is part of the Sydenham's / baths building that was erected in 1865.

On the immediate right is Sea View built in 1850. It was a private dwelling and an apartment house before it changed it's name to Elcombe Hall in the 1920s. In 1930, the Elliott Bros [ Royal Blue ] Motor Coach Station and Garage opened on the site. In the 1970s it became the Rothesay Museum and was demolished in 1985.

If you look closely there is a shadowy figure stood on the pavement outside Sea View. The pathway just beyond them leads to the Westover Gardens.

Next along is a side view of the Belle Vue and Pier Hotel with it's various outbuildings to the rear.

In the distance on the far right, the first visible building is South Cliff Villa that, in later life became part of the Southcliffe Hotel.

Second in from the right is Madeira House. Later extended as the Court Royal Hotel, it is now the Court Royal Convalescent Home with the Bournemouth International Centre looming large behind it.

Third in from the right is Sandhills with Exeter Rd, little more than a track, running to its side.

On the eastern side of Exeter Rd is Cliftonville and South Cliff Hall that stand on land now occupied by the Hermitage Hotel. To the right is Brookside which survives in its original form as an annex to the Hermitage.
To the right of Brookside is Staunton House which is just over the back in Exeter Park Rd. It was an apartment house but became private flats quite early on in the 20th century. It's still there today although it has been extended a bit.

Carbon and Carbide Building, 1929

Carbon and Carbide Building, 1929

Looking great on a clear day. Nice that my windows just got cleaned, too ; - ). The architects were Burnham Brothers, sons of Daniel Burnham. Now, in perhaps the best example of creative reuse I know, home of the Hard Rock Hotel.

a clear view window cleaning

a clear view window cleaning

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